Vesna Milek

In 2011 a journalist and writer Vesna Milek wrote a bestselling biographical novel Cavazza, a tale of love and loss. The story, as told by one of our greatest actors to Vesna Milek, is a mosaic of memories, a collage of moments and injustices of youth, shame, overcoming the obstacles of life, scents, colours and moods. Vesna Milek picked Cavazza’s brain and created a biography which speaks of a childhood, broken by World War II, of visits to the communist party in Milan and the fall of Mussolini, of first loves and the first punches thrown in a boxing ring, of the poetry by Vitomil Zupan, of thunderstorms at sea, of post-war Leningrad, of fatal attractions and the pain of loss. You can read an interview with her and Boris Cavazza in Spanish language (recorded during their tour in Spain) here.

 Sample translations 

ES - "Cavazza - Novela biografica" (2012) / Translated by: Estefanía Quiroga and Tina Šilc