Samira Kentrić

Samira Kentrić, 1976, is an opinion illustrator and a cover artist. She has illustrated many books of humanist thinkers and visualized news concerning international affairs, from the Middle East, Obama phenomenon and the EU integrations to religious disputes and social struggles. She is also a performer and a visual artist, using body as a tool for intellingent visual provocation. Her work has been published in Slovenia, Holland and in the USA and she has performed and exhibited in numerous European cities. Balkanalia is her first book: in this coming of age autobiographical graphic novel, nothing is ordinary in an ordinary child's life. The author, an artist, is a daughter of the working class. Her homeland, Yugoslavia, fell apart yet its remains are the only convincing elements of the future worth striving for. The words of a migrants' child make it obvious that she always knew that she belonged nowhere. But she did belong to people, ideas and ideals. So home could be anywhere. A modern tale told through Illustrations is like an unfinished collage inviting the reader to get lost and then find his or her unique pathway among three generations, following one's own imagination, fears and hopes. Yet, words are there and they tell a story as well. Two mediums, separate but whole, intrinsically belonging and enriching each other. A story of horizons, war, home, principles and family; told in an original and honest voice.
Photo: personal archive