Polona Glavan

Polona Glavan (b. 1974) holds degrees in English Language Studies and Comparative Literature Studies. She writes novels, short stories and translates from English. Her love of travel is no secret and it is this passion that fuels her debut novel A Night in Europe. The novel’s plot and title bear resemblance to and hint at a film by Jim Jarmusch: people from the four corners of the Earth are brought together to meet on a night train going from Paris to Amsterdam.
SUMMARY: The protagonists of A Night in Europe are young backpackers from different European countries and the United States, who find themselves travelling across modern Europe by Inter-Rail. Their cultural and personal experiences differ greatly. Some were scarred by the Yugoslav wars, others have fallen in love, and some are going to part their ways after the journey’s end. In the end only letters and promises of meeting again remain. The novel is a metaphor for a multicultural Europe, where the East and the West, the North and the South all blend.
In 2004 she received the Zlata Ptica Award for her short story collection Gverilci (Guerrillas).

 Sample translations 

English - "Guerillas" (2004) / Translated by the author English - "A night in Europe" (2001) / Translated by the author

 Translated so far 

2007 / Noc v Evropě / sl / Agite/Fra, Prague 2015 / Noč v Evropi / sl / Typotex