Miljana Cunta

Miljana Cunta earned a Master's Degree from the University of Ljubljana with a dissertation on contemporary critical approaches to English Victorian poetry. She has worked as cultural manager, editor and lexicographer. From 2005 to 2009 she was Programme Director of the Vilenica International Literary Festival. She has translated into Slovene selected poems by G. M. Hopkins, C. G. Rossetti, D. Levertov as well as poetry by contemporary Italian poets Francesco Tomada and Luigi Natale. Her first poetry collection Za pol neba (By Half the Sky, Beletrina Academic Press, 2010) was shortlisted for the Veronika and the Jenko Prize for poetry. In 2014, it was succeeded by Pesmi dneva (Poems of One Day, KUD Logos), a collection of prose poems accompanied by the photographs by Dušan Šarotar. Foto: Žiga Koritnik 2015   

 Sample translations 

English - Selected poems from "By half the sky" (2010) / Translated by: Alan McConnell-Duff

 Translated so far 

2013 / Per metà del cielo / sl / Thauma Editioni