Mate Dolenc

Mate Dolenc (b. 1945) has written numerous novels, collections of short stories, children’s books, travelogues and articles. His stories are at times partly autobiographical and always built on humour and irony. In 2008 his two most successful novels The Gorjanci Vampire and The Sea in the Time of the Eclipse were made into main feature films.

This acknowledged master of prose and deep sea mysteries, who also happens to be an underwater fishing aficionado, is often dubbed ≫the Slovene Hemingway≪ as many of his books have been marked by the Adriatic, its islands and their pulse. For all those who wish to become closely acquainted with this world and its mentality the author’s masterpiece The Sea in the Time of the Eclipse is an absolute must-read.

Prešeren Award for the novel Pes z Atlantide (The Atlantis Dog)

 Sample translations 

English - "The sea at the time of the eclipse" (2000) / Translated by: Tamara Soban

 Translated so far 

1988 / Upír z Gorjancü / czech / Melantrich, Prague 1997 / Pas z Atlantide / croatian / Fabra, Zagreb 2004 / Pomrćina mora / croatian / Profil internacional, Zagreb 2006 / Moře v čase zatmění slunce / sl / Dauphin, Prague