Lado Kralj

Lado Kralj was born in 1938 in Slovenj Gradec. He has worked as a proof-reader, journalist and secondary school teacher, did his postgraduate studies at New York University, worked  many years as university professor, including one year as visiting professor at University of  Vienna. He founded the avant-garde Pekarna Theatre and was the artistic director of the Slovene National Theatre (1978-1982). He was federal selector at the Festival of Small and Experimental Stages in Sarajevo. Some of his books: Ekspresionizem – Expressionism (1986), Teorija drame – The Theory of Drama (1998), Primerjalni članki – Comparative Articles (2006), Kosec koso brusi – The Reaper Sharpening his Scythe (2010) etc.

 Sample translations 

English - "Rien ne va plus", from: The Reaper Sharpening his Scythe (2010) / Translated by: Gregor Timothy Čeh