Katja Perat

Katja Perat (1988) graduated from philosophy and comparative literature at the Faculty of art, University of Ljubljana. Since 2009 she has been member of the editor board of the literary magazine Idiot, where she also publishes her work. Since 2007 she has been publishing her poetry in the literary magazine Literatura. Lately, she has been active as a literary critic. For her first poetry collection Najboljši so padli (The best ones fell in action), she was granted the award for the best literary debut in 2011 and several other awards. Her second poetry collection is coming in Spring 2014.

 Sample translations 

English - Selected poems from "The best have fallen" (2011) / Translated by: Katie Harrison et. al. German - "Fick dich Ginsberg" from "Die Besten sind gefallen" (2011) Translated by Daniela Trieb for TransStar Europa project