Katarina Marinčič

The writer Katarina Marinčič received a PhD in French literature (Balzac) at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana where she now works as a lecturer of eighteenth and nineteenth-century French literature. She is the author of the novels Tereza (1989), Rožni vrt (Rose Garden, 1992) and Prikrita harmonija (Hidden Harmony, 2001), a story set in the time around the First World War, for which she received the prestigious Kresnik Award (given by Delo, the main Slovenian newspaper). Her last book O treh (About the Three, 2005), awarded with the Fabula Award in 2007, contains three longer novellas that take place in different historical periods. In all her works, Katarina Marinčič experiments with the traditional forms of historical fiction. Her main artistic interest, however, lies in personal histories, not in History. She has been praised for the »almost Proustian sensitivity« of her writing, her »keen ear for details« and her »polished style«. 

 Translated so far 

2008 / Die Verborgene Harmonie / german / Kitab Verlag, Klagenfurt-Wien