Jani Virk

Jani Virk (b. 1962) holds degrees in German Language Studies and
Comparative Literature Studies, his published work includes novels, short
stories, essays and translations from German (Bernhard, Roth, Artmann,
Canetti). His professional work is linked to the media: he is the managing
editor of the arts and culture programme of the Slovene national television.
In his youth he was a member of the national ski team. He has travelled
extensively and once made his living as a manual labourer. Jani Virk is one of
the most prolific Slovene writers; his best works are: novel Zadnja Sergijeva
skušnjava (Sergij's Final Temptation, 1995), 1885: Potres (Earthquake, 1995)
and Smeh za leseno pregrado (Laughter From Beyond the Wooden Barrier).
In addition, his book Pogled na Tycho Brahe (A View of Tycho Brahe) is
regarded as one of the finest short story collections independent Slovenia has
produced. His writing is characterised by neorealism, honed by metaphysical
questions which deal with the isolated man, undecided between physical
necessity and yearning.   Awards:
Prešeren Award for Pogled na Tycho Brahe (A View of Tycho Brahe)

 Sample translations 

English - "A view of Tycho Brahe" (1998) / Translated by: Lili Potpara English - "What the river washed away" (2012) / Translated by: Gregor Timothy Čeh German - "Liebe in der Luft" (2009) / Translated by Anja Wutej for TransStar Europa project

 Translated so far 

1995 / Regata / bosnian / Vodnikova domačija, Kulturni vikend djece iz BiH, Ljubljana 1993 / La regata / italian / Litterae slovenicae, Ljubljana 1998 / Sergijs letzte Versuchung / german / Wieser, Klagenfurt 2005 / Vista al Tycho Brahe / italian / Arlequín, Guadalajara 2007 / Pogled na Tycho Brahe / croatian / Disput, Zagreb 2007 / Śmiech za drewnianą przegrodą / polish / Wołowiec: Czarne 2012 / Poslednje Sergijevo iskušenje / serbian / Arhipelag 2014 / Ljubav u zraku / Croatian / Meandar Media, Zagreb