Borut Golob

Borut Golob, Slovenian writer, born in 1973 in Kranj – a town just nearby Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Growing up in a proletarian district with his grandmother, he mostly worked in the heavy industry in the town Kranj. At first he studied German and Russian language, has his final degree in journalism studies. He currently works as a radio speaker in Ljubljana. In 2009 he published his first novel »Pine-Beech-Lime-Cross« and the second one »Raclette« 2012. Both novels were nominated for the main literary award in Slovenia called »Kresnik«. The first novel is a burlesque, describing a very typical contemporary Slovenian social context, while the second one is – more universal – a hard criticism od ideology, described through the last day of a personal relationship. 

 Sample translations 

English - "Raclette" (2012) / Translated by Tamara Soban Polish - "Raclette" (2012) / Translated by Grażyna Łyżwa Croatian - "Smreka bukva lipa križ" (2009) / Translated by Jagna Pogačnik German - "Fichte Buche Linde Kreuz" (2009) / Translated by Sebastian Walcher