Andrej E. Skubic

Andrej E. Skubic (b. 1967) holds a Ph.D. in Slavic Studies. For some years he lectured at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts and conducted scientific research on sociolects, slang and colloquial language. He now works as a freelance writer and translator (Welsh, O’Brien, MacCabe, Kelman, etc.). His debut novel Bitter Honey tells of foreign lecturers and their peripeteias in Ljubljana. Several individual narratives form his celebrated novel Fužine Blues, which was later put on the stage as well. The short story collection Norišnica (Madhouse) is a continuation of Skubic’s polyphonic style of writing, employing the technique of internal monologue. His stories brilliantly give voice to the many languages of modern Ljubljana and arise from the space between banal reality and playful visions.

Kresnik Award for the novel Grenki med (Bitter Honey) Best Debut Novel Award for Grenki med (Bitter Honey)

 Sample translations 

English - "Madhouse" (2004) German - "Wie sehr bist du mein?" (2012) - translated by Sebastian Walcher

 Translated so far 

2004 / Fužinské blues / sl / Vetrne Mlyny, Brno 2005 / Fužinski bluz / croatian / Sysprint, Zagreb 2008 / Fužinski blues / serbian / Vega Media, Novi Sad