Aleš Čar

Editor, journalist and writer Aleš Čar (born 1971 in Idrija) studied comparative literature at Ljubljana University. For his first novel Igra angelov in netopirjev (When Bats Dance with Angels) he won the Best Debut Novel Award from the Union of Slovenian Publishers and Booksellers in 1998. His second novel Pasji tango (Dog's Tango) was amongst the finalists nominated for the Kresnik Best Novel of the Year Award in 2000. In 2003 he published his first collection of short stories V okvari (In Repair) which got him a nomination for the Prešeren Foundation Award. His second collection of short stories titled Made in Slovenia was published in 2007. Čar’s linguistically cleverly written and amusing prose, swaying between realism and verismo, has been translated into half a dozen languages and published in various anthologies abroad. Aleš Čar is a favourite amongst Slovene readers and critics alike. All eagerly awaited his new novel On Tolerability, particularly as it comes after an eleven year gap in novel writing. It is a chronicle of a family through three generations and as such delves into the historical context of the 20th century as well as the various intimate relationships between individuals within the family. The figure in the foreground is Gramps who has served four different armies, flags and uniforms. Once the atrocities of war come to an end he thinks a peaceful life waits ahead, but this is only the start of a whole array of problems on the home front, challenges and tribulations brought on by love at an intimate family level, introducing in a very refined way Gramps’ five daughters into the story. His first daughter proves that love can build you a house, but the ‘golden cage’ that was supposed to provide a roof over the heads of three generations, soon starts turning into a ‘hellish trap’. Suddenly tolerability, so plain and so human in every respect, rather than shear luck, repeatedly shown to be but an illusion, becomes the skill required to survive. TRANSLATIONS:
Pseći tango (Zagreb: Fraktura, 2002)
Pasji tango (Beograd: Plato, 2004)
Kutyatangó ( Budapest: József Attila Kör: L’Harmattan, 2005)
Awaria ( Olsztyn: Portret, 2006)

 Sample translations 

Spanish - "Mosca", from the Short Story Collection "Made in Slovenia" (2008) English- "Dog's Tango" (Novel, 2007) German - "Zuviel Schnee" (2003) English - "On Tolerability" (2011) / translated by: Gregor Timothy Čeh German - "Von der Erträglichkeit" (2011) / Translated by Marjeta Wakounig